24 Mar

Fun things to do from home


There are many blog posts out there that give you tips on what to do now that most of us are quarantined at home. Of course, you could
Watch funny videos
Facetime friends and family
Cook or bake
Do a puzzle

Besides the generic stay-at-home activities, here is a list of things you can try out.

I will be updating this list when I discover new #KeepYourselfBusyTherapy activities. Feel free to email me if you know of an activity I could add to the list.


Found on Instagram:

Work-out classes without leaving your home.  A variety of 20min to 45min workouts from gyms across Toronto

  • Sweat and Tonic (@sweatandtonic) – including a 10 minute meditation, HIIT, Qi Gong and Slow Burn
  • Fit Factory To (@fitfactoryto) – exercises include Abs and HIIT
  • 6ix Cycle (@6ix_cycle) – mostly cardio inspired
  • Fit Squad (@fitsquad_training) – life workouts daily at noon, no equipment necessary
  • Planet Fitness (@planetfitnessca)

Watch wildlife right from your living room.

  • The Georgia Aquarium (@georgiaaquarium) has life cameras so you can observe marine life on demand (but in real-life). Watch beluga whales, take a ride on their ocean voyager cam, watch other fascinating undersea creatures.
  • At Aquarium Pacific (@aquariumpacific) you can watch beautiful wildlife, an awesome shark tank, and colourful jellyfish float by. Who needs to go scuba diving when you can watch it on your phone?

A fan of the orchestra? Look no further. The Montreal Symphony Orchestra (@mtlblog) is broadcasting virtual concerts so you can enjoy a night out, at home.

Virtual painting classes. California painter Wendy MacNaughton (@wendymac) offers virtual painting classes, daily at 10am PST.

Found on the web:

Bored of watching Netflix by yourself? Social distancing all the way. Download the Chrome extension and have a cinema-style night out with friends. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/netflix-party/oocalimimngaihdkbihfgmpkcpnmlaoa?hl=en

Always wanted to go to Disneyland? Now’s your chance, virtually that is. https://ohmy.disney.com/news/2018/03/13/google-street-view-disney-parks-tour/

Get brainy. Now that you have all the time in the world, why not expand your knowledge on different topics? Udemy calls themselves “the largest education site” and now they offer a lot of their courses for a fraction of the price. https://www.udemy.com/